Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly
Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly

For Travel

Our PCR and Antigen testing services are routinely used for those travelling abroad, whether for a holiday or work. Our test certificates can be used for any country worldwide due to the certification of our rt PCR testing facilities. Get in touch for more details.

Safe For Kids

We do not have an age limit for who we can offer tests to. For younger children we are happy to supervise the swab process to ensure a sufficient sample is obtained. Our offices are private and our timeslots are long enough to cater for families and children that may need extra time.

Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly
Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly
Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly
Covid Swab used in PCR and Antigen Testing at Simply Fit To Fly

For Medical Reasons

Often we get asked if it is possible to provide a PCR test certificate for hospital use. We can confidently say yes, these can be used for almost any situation as our test certificate show all required details from swab time, type of test, collection method, signature, profession and testing centre address.

PCR Tests Aberdeen

Read our FAQs about our PCR Testing in Aberdeen


What type of covid test is it?

We provide 3 types of tests. PCR (or more specifically rt PCR) tests used for a variety of purposes. This is viewed as the gold standard of covid testing and usually provides the longest period between test and travelling/use.

Antigen tests are the next most common tests that we provide and can usually be used for a variety of purposes including travelling. With antigen tests these are usually shorter time periods between testing and travelling. You would need to check with your travel provider for which test is suitable. Note that Antigen tests are also commonly referred to as Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) and also Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT).

The third test that we can provide is Antibody testing, however, this is not widely accepted by many countries.

Do I get a fit to fly certificate?

Yes. Upon a negative test result we provide a fit to fly certificate. This is emailed to your booking email address and includes an embedded QR code for verification purposes.

If your test result is positive, we can also provide the certificate which will state the positive test result along with the test time and relevant details.

Rarely, your test can be inconclusive. In this case, we would contact you to arrange a re-test.

Is there an embedded QR code?

Yes. Every certificate comes with an embedded QR code which can be used for verification purposes.

Are your tests accepted by all countires?

Yes, however, we would still advise that you check the specific requirements for each country as for example, China had some additional requirements.

Are you a Government Approved testing provider?

Yes. We are approved as a private provider of covid testing. We can provide PCR and antigen testing for private use. We do not provide any NHS covid testing.

Do you provide Antigen testing?

Yes. This is one of the main tests that we offer.

When booking, select Antigen in the test type.

Can I turn up without an appointment?

No. All appointments need to be pre-booked.

How do I pay for a PCR test?

We take payment at the time of the test via card/cash or bank transfer.

Where do I go for a PCR test Aberdeen?

Attend your appointment: Come to our testing facility located at Bucksburn Pharmacy & Health Clinic in Aberdeen and one of our trained staff will take your sample and process it. Getting your results: We usually return your results in a matter of a few hours, but allow up to the end of the day for results.

How much does a PCR Covid test cost in Aberdeen?

PCR tests cost from £140 and lateral flow tests from £29. Should you require multiple tests please conact us for a group booking.

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